Holy Family Convent School Liluah is one of the institutions run by the Congregation of Holy Family which manage and administer over a hundred and fifty institutions in India and abroad. It was “a dream come true” – of Saint Mariam Thresia, the visionary pioneer in the field of Family Apostolate. The founding of the school by the Arunoday Province of the Congregation of Holy Family was an answer to the increasing demands for a convent school for the children in and around Liluah, the hub of people with various origin and culture. Today, the institution has soared to envious heights of prestige and eminence. The school has been given the Non Objection Certificate by the Minority Commission and the Certificate of Affiliation.

While our Education is directed towards the development of the person we too are primarily concerned with instilling Gospel values in those we educate and forming responsible citizens in the country who are ready to take their place in social, political and cultural life with selflessness and zeal. Our special focus will be the formation of the committed people who are filled with a sense of mission to their country and to the world. We strive to implement the national aims and objectives of education through the goals our school has discovered and which is realized and propagated by all our staff and students.

It is a co-educational school with approximately 1100 students on its rolls studying from Classes 1-10.


Ours is a nation with an ancient culture, traditions and values.  While we strive for high tech education, it should not be at the cost of our value system. Holy Family School Liluah pursues not only academic excellence but also a value based system which provides an environment conducive to the overall development of students. Apart from providing quality teaching, the faculty members are continuously engaged in holistic grooming of students.

Having been an educator for several years, I keenly endorse the pivotal role an educational institution plays in today’s society. If I feel honoured to be in-charge of a seat of learning that trains young minds to be useful citizens of tomorrow, I also advocate its implications. I firmly believe that each child is a special gift from God towards humanity and each one carries something that can add more beauty to the world, to the society and to the nation. As educators we must look to the future with a clarity and confidence and redefine the purpose of schooling.

We must make it exciting, relevant and dynamic. Our schools must help our children broaden their minds, feed their imagination and develop their aspirations. To truly explore the future of our system and change it for the better, we must look closer at the world we live in and draw on its diversity. We endeavour to do that at Holy Family Convent School, Liluah. Our school strives be a center of nourishing, developing and flourishing the human values which is essential for quality education. Quality is never an accident but rather the result of high intention, sincere efforts, intelligent direction, skillful execution and a wise choice.

With the blessings of Jesus, Mary and Joseph our heavenly patrons and of all our well wishers we move forward in this fruitful existence. May Almighty grant us many more years of Glory and laurel to celebrate and to live with greater desire for serving the humanity.


As a response to the divine call and realizing the urgent need of the time, the CHF, founded in 1914 stepped into the field of education in its inception itself. St. Mariam Thresia, the Foundress of the Congregation having drawn inspiration from the Lord and illumined by the divine wisdom, set out to start a school at Puthenchira in 1915. The very aim behind starting a school was to impart knowledge of God specially focusing the girls, the true foundations for future families. The growth of this apostolic field was amazing within the hundred years of life span, spreading over every nook and corner of this country and extending even beyond oceans, even to the Dark Continent. Now it is time to review, refresh and recharge from the founding spring and also to transform as per the ever-changing horizon of time and knowledge.


To Prepare Holy Family students spiritually oriented, academically excellent – by promoting holistic and integral development and also by providing quality education & technological support relevant to all in particular to the marginalized.


Create a world of enlightened and integrated citizens and mould ideal families by imparting knowledge of God and value- based quality education.